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The Complete Domestic Wind Mill System Consist of the following Major Components as mentioned below

Wind Turbine
Control Panel(Charge Controller)
Local Grid Tie Inverter with Battery Bank Charger–(GISB)
Local Grid Tie Inverter (GIS)
Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Tower Battery Bank

Wind Turbine

Features of Wind Turbine

Design by German Enterprise
Low Cut-In Wind Speeds 2.7 m/s to 3.0 m/s.
Rated High Output in Low Wind Speeds 6-8 m/s .
Robust Design – for 18-20 years design life compatible for different modes of operation
Compliance to International Standards.
Rugged Design for all Weather conditions – Off Shore , On Shore
Neo- Dymium Magnet Brushless Alternator
Triple Protected Stator Core
Aero Dynamic design profile of the blades for Smooth Start up& Whisper quite Operation
Unique 360° Angle Governing, according to the wind direction.
Dual Safety mechanism for Over Speed Turbine Rotation viz
Electro-Mechanical &
Mechanical Tail Furling mechanism for high wind speeds.

Control Panel

The State of the Art Micro Controller is highly efficient in transferring the wind generated out put of 3 phase variable AC Voltage and Frequency into regulated DC to become the input for either GISB, GIS or OGBC systems. The Controller monitors the Generated Variable Voltage, Frequency, Current, Output Voltage and current. The Inbuilt provision of Closed Loop Load dissipation system of the Generated Voltage prevents the Over feeding to the Local Grid Intration System / Charging of the Battery Bank. The Robust design of the power Controller ensures user friendly and trouble free operation.

Windmill Tower

The wind speed normally increases at greater heights from ground level. The supporting tower is designed based on its height, loads, and the wind speeds encountered at the location. The tower is free standing Four lattice tower made up of MS Structure / Hot Dip Galvanized Iron for rust proof available in 10-15 meters. The exclusive Custom design tower can be tilted in one side for easy manual intervention like fixing of the Turbine, Blades & Tail. After Fixing up all the necessary components the Tower can be lifted easily through Rope Ratchet.

Structurally special designed for various models.
Tower top mounting turbine centre of the tower so wind generator weight force meets centre of point of gravitational force.
Easy Fitting tilting tower
No need of grane for instruction.
Easy to assemble.
In house fabrication meets required qaulity.


The type and selection of inverter will depends upon the system as described below

A. Local Grid Tie Inverter with Battery Bank Charger –(GISB)

The Single/ Three phase DSP based, Grid Tie Inverter is designed to operate as a multi function power conditioning unit combining the functionality of a grid interactive Wind/ Solar inverter with a true on line single conversion UPS. The GSC system allows the option of combining renewable energy sources (Wind/ Solar ) on priority with the functionality of an industrial UPS system. Based on the Wind/ Solar power available, connected load and battery state of charge the unit configures itself as either a charger or inverter and will intelligently start an optional back up diesel generator if the battery reserve cannot be maintained by the renewable contribution and there is loss of grid power.

In charging mode the system maintains the battery voltage at a user specified value and charges the battery in accordance with Battery manufacturer procedures, thus maximizing the life of the battery bank. The DSP based Grid Tie Inverter provides output voltage conditioning when operating in a grid interactive mode and it has optional features to export excess renewable (Wind/ Solar) power to the Local grid in compactable with the Local State Government Electricity Board Regulations.

Time and date stamped system data logs and fault logs available for importation into a spreadsheet for analysis via a local RS232 connection. Remote control and monitoring option using either a standard or GSM modem available. Communication based on LAN / WAN protocol is also available. (Optional feature).

B. Local Grid Tie Inverter without Battery Bank –(GISB)

The Single/ Three phase DSP based, Grid Tie Inverter is designed to operate as a power conditioning unit capable of exporting all available wind/ solar power to the local utility grid supply. A fast and efficient MPPT extracts the maximum available power from the wind / solar array and exports it to the grid. If the grid voltage and / or frequency goes out of a preset range the inverter is immediately disconnected from the grid.

The inverter will reconnect after a pre determined time when the grid is back in range. When the exported power is below a low, preset value or the wind / solar generation is below a set value for a pre determined amount of time, the inverter is disconnected from the grid and is operated in a "sleep mode". In this mode the inverter power stage components are switched off thereby keeping the stand by losses to a bare minimum.

Time and date stamped system data logs and fault logs available for importation into a spreadsheet for analysis via a local RS232 connection. The system have the optional features for Remote control and monitoring using either a standard or GSM modem available. Communication based on LAN / WAN protocol is also available.

C. Pure Sine Wave Inverter –(OGBC )

The inverter of required capacity is used to convert the DC current from the batteriy bank to usable 230 AC, 50Hz power to connect the designed static load.

Range of Products

Windmill Applications

Commercial Complex Small Scale Industries Educational Institutions and Hostels Hospitals Hotels and Resorts Residential Apartments and Villas Farm Houses Water Pumping Poultry Farms etc.,

Mini Wind Farms

Almost as soon as small wind turbine were conceived, it was realized that somebody they could be used to build miniature power plants. Now, this concept has become a reality. Our AP5.4 compact dimensions and low mass let you connect a large number (10's, 100's or more) of them in a field or facility. This makes it possible to build mini or micro wind farms in the outskirts or vast open spaces with in cities(with a variety of installation option), on the tops buildings, on remote islands, on hills and mountain tops, or on the ocean, these mini wind farms. Provide lower capital and operating costs(because of our competitive pricing ) and complimented by higher efficiency than large wind farms that use mega-watt wind turbines. This is possible for two reasons.

Their high wind - wind energy conversion efficiency ( higher by > 45% compared to large wind turbines ) across the entire wind speed spectrum up to 45m/s. Their superior wind tracking ability, thanks to unique angle governing technology which lets the turbine continue operation even at higher wind speeds and superior electronics that help to transfer generated energy into local grid at high efficiency, specially designed guy-less polygonal tubular towers will enable to space turbines 3Dx4D spacing with high array efficiency.


MODEL : AP5.4 Capacity : 54 KW Number of Machines : 10 Nos. Performance Equivalent : 80 KW Annual Generation : 66000 KWH for 11-12 MPH Winds : ~ 5 - 5.4 M/s Array Efficiency : > 96% Area Required : < 60 M x 40 M